Our Mission

Partnering you with selected cacao's farmers through america’s gourmet fine chocolates.

Our Vision

America’s leading seller of fine chocolates from selected farmers to your table

Our History

Coming from a family of Cacao Farmer's with a legacy of more than two hundred years exporting Cacao beans from Venezuela to Switzerland, our founder incorporated Cacao America LLC in 2015 with the objective of allowing Cacao producers to connect with the end consumers of their products on a transparent relationship.
In November 2018, we launched the Fine Chocolate Club at the North West Chocolate Festival in Seattle, arguably the most prestigious event for Chocolate in the US. We are members of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.
In 2019 we became a certified B-Corp due to the social impact we have on the producer's with whom we've been cultivating relationships. On the same year we became the founding member of the California Chocolate Cooperative & Co., an initiative to educate California consumers in the intricacies of Fine Chocolate through presence at Farmer's Markets across the State and representing the best Craft Chocolate Makers.
In 2020 we became the first chocolate subscription to offer free online tasting education to all of our subscribers.