Goodnow Farms Chocolate Classic Milk Chocolate Dominican Republic 55%

Goodnow Farms Chocolate Classic Milk Chocolate Dominican Republic 55%



Creamy & Rich - In all our years of making chocolate we hadn’t found milk that was up to our flavor standards, but that changed when we discovered Organic West. Their facility for making dry milk powder is state-of-the-art and results in an exceptionally flavorful milk chocolate.

This is a dark milk bar, meaning there’s less milk than you’d in find mass market milk chocolate bars. Our goal, as always, is to allow the flavors of the cacao to still be apparent. In this case the unique flavors of our Dominican Republic Zorzal Communitario cacao are balanced with rich, creamy milk.

This is a great bar to pair with our Brown Butter bar, which is also made with Zorzal cacao and features fresh Jersey Cream butter from High Lawn Farms dairy.

About Organic West

Organic West sources from family run dairies on the west coast. All the cows are pasture raised, and their milk is always antibiotic, GMO and rBST free. They buy milk on a regular basis at a stable price, which allows farmers to plan long term. They’re able to do this because their facility allows them to turn the milk into many products, including the nonfat dry milk powder we use in this bar.

About Zorzal Communitario Cacao

For more information about Zorzal, and pictures from our trip, check out our Zorzal Cacao page.

Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans (Zorzal), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Nonfat Dry Milk Powder, Freshly Pressed Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Zorzal)
Contains milk. May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.